Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Protects Your Business

Graffiti costs Chicago businesses thousands of dollars every year. Vandals today have found that not only spray paint, but also destructive acid, can be used to damage storefront and entryway windows. Once applied, the acid eats away at the strongest of surfaces, leaving unsightly damage visible on a building exterior. If windows are left unprotected, the expense of window replacement can be significant.

LLumar protective anti-graffiti window film from Tint To U in Orland Park is a simple, cost-effective option for solving the problem before it starts. Applied to the exterior of the glass, our anti-graffiti window tinting can be easily removed in the event of tagging, taking the graffiti right along with it. Replacing the window film costs a quarter of the price of purchasing a completely new window – and that means the applications can be limitless. Plus, the window film has a UV shield that protects any merchandise that may be displayed in your storefront windows as well as anyone inside from the sun’s harmful rays.


Year-Round Graffiti Protection

Because graffiti proves to be such a threat to Chicago businesses, Tint To U has developed a scheduled for regular “check-ups” of your property’s exteriors. We can set up regular inspection times to change your graffiti films in case they’re damaged by vandals. When your company is on our “check-up” schedule, we guarantee that your window films will be replaced and graffiti removed without delay.

Whether you’re a landlord with several retail spaces or a small store owner, our anti-graffiti window film products will protect your business and save you time and money. For your no-hassle window film estimate, contact the window tinting specialists at Tint To U today.