Paint Protection Film

Keep Your Car Looking New with Paint Protection Film

Buying a new car can be an exciting milestone for any Chicago driver. But over time, the finish on your vehicle can start to wear from rocks, insects, debris, road salt and sand. Scratches, nicks and dents can gradually accumulate and lead to expensive buffing and even repainting.

You can protect your investment and your ride with clear bra automotive paint protection film available at Tint To U in Orland Park. This high-gloss, virtually invisible film from LLumar guards your car against normal wear and tear from everyday driving, whether you’re headed around the block or across the country. Plus, it actually enhances your car’s paint job, making it look as polished and shiny as it did when you rolled off the lot.

Our paint protection film experts can help you understand the application process and work with you to decide which parts of your vehicle are most important to protect. When professionally installed by Tint To U, our clear bra can shield you against anything the road can throw at you, while keeping your car looking polished for a lifetime! For a quote on our paint protection film package, contact the clear bra and automotive experts at Tint To U.


Explore Your Tint Options With the LLumar Paint Protection Visualizer

Paint Protection Visualizer