Safety & Security Window Film

Guard Against the Unexpected with Safety & Security Window Film

Natural and man-made disasters can pose serious threats to your company, putting not only your property at risk, but also your employees’ and customers’ lives in danger.

With Tint To U Orland Park’s professionally-installed safety and security window film from LLumar, you can achieve peace of mind in the event of blasts, severe weather and accidents. Our safety window tinting is made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound that offers a thin, transparent barrier to hold glass in place at the moment of impact. Your tenants are protected from flying glass, and in turn, protected against serious injury. It’s no wonder businesses across Chicago and throughout the world depend on LLumar safety window film as part of their security plans.


Stop Burglars in Their Tracks

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You return to your office or business only to discover that your property has been ransacked, and your windows served as the entry point. Designed to maximize protection, our security films act as an invisible shield, withstanding thrown objects, hammer blows and extreme force from unwanted visitors. When they realize how hard it is to break, possible vandals and burglars will quickly move on. Safety window film is ideal for any business, but especially for retail outlets that are more prone to “smash-and-grab” crimes.

The Leader in Safety Window Tinting

Tint To U is proud to carry a full range of protective window films from LLumar, the most respected name in professional window tinting. Although you can’t predict attempted break-ins, forced entries or outdoor threats, you can take proactive steps to ensure that your business assets are secure. Let Tint To U guide your safety window film choice to deter potential risks – contact our security film experts for your free window film quote.